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Submission Instructions for Architects or Engineers

Submission Instructions for Architects or Engineers


1. Your most recent fiscal year-end financial statement

This should be either an audited, reviewed or compiled statement from your outside accountant including their cover letter.

If financial statements are not prepared, the year-end IRS tax return may be submitted (first six pages only) along with your internal year-end statements (balance sheet and income statement). 

2. Your most recent internal YTD Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement

This would be your internally generated balance sheet and income statement. If your most recent YTD represents your year-end as well, skip this submission.

3. If these 3 costs are not in your income statements, please add them as a separate file (any file type)

A. Total Labor Cost (Year-end and YTD)

B. Direct Labor Cost (Year-end and YTD)

C. Total Indirect Expense (Year-end and YTD)

4. Your most recent bank credit line information

Credit limit and current balance

This must be from a bank. A letter will suffice as long as actual amounts are cited and not vague ranges. Screen shots or print outs of on-line statements will also work. If you do not have a credit line, that is not a problem, just state so.

5. Send this information one of four ways

  • Upload files securely during check-out
  • Email as attachments to secure email address Submissions@ContractorScore.net
  • Fax to 919-794-6099
  • Mail or over-night to : Contractor Score Submissions, 1904 Victoria Road, Ste 300, Raleigh, NC 27608

6. Go to Registration